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No matter what you need, spiced pickle, chutneys of any kind or maybe you simply want crushed tomatoes, we carry a large variety of processed foods in store.

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We have a huge selection of Indian & Pakistani Spices which are a major factor in making your food delicious and to bring it the classic desi tarka.

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One of our major sections is our meat section. We always have a large variety of fresh halal meat available.

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At Iqbal Halal Foods, you'll find a huge variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, even if its seasonal or off-seasonal.

A food tour of Thorncliffe Park article by Toronto Star

The Toronto Star had a chance to explore Thorncliffe Park and to write about Jennifer’s experience:

Food Tour of Thorncliffe Park

“Today’s Thorncliffe Park is tomorrow’s Canada.

It’s a striking statement and one that Jehad Aliweiwi makes over a Pakistani meal of haleem, shish kebab curry and chicken tikka masala at Iqbal Kebab & Sweet Centre.

What the executive director of the Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office means is that Statistics Canada predicts visible minorities (mainly South Asian and Chinese) will be the majority by 2017.

That’s already true in this little-known Toronto neighbourhood.

“This is maybe the true global village of the city,” says Aliweiwi. “It’s not a random neighbourhood with troubles or a bad reputation that’s to be avoided. It’s a neighbourhood with something to offer.”

And that something is equal parts food and community.

An estimated 25,000 people live in more than 30 highrises and low-rises in Thorncliffe Park. (This isn’t subsidized housing; most people pay private market rent.)

The self-contained horseshoe of a ‘hood hugs Overlea Blvd. between Millwood Rd./Leaside Bridge on the west and Don Mills Rd. on the east. It’s southwest of the Ontario Science Centre and southeast of Leaside……  see more at: thestar



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